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At Little Lights our Christian philosophy forms the foundation of who we are and what we do. Christian values and beliefs are woven into all aspects of our daily interactions and learning. We aim to create a caring and fun environment where each child feels secure, loved and respected. At Little Lights, we are committed to providing high staff-child ratios to ensure a quality learning experience for all children. Relationships are key; we support and encourage whānau in any way we can, partnering with them in the care and education of their child.

We welcome children and families from all cultural backgrounds, and celebrate the richness of the diversity that comes from each person’s unique contribution. We acknowledge Maori as the tangata whenua and respect the principles of Te Tiriti O Waitangi.

We consider the created world around us as a gift from God for us to enjoy, learn from and care for. We provide daily opportunities for the children to explore our farm and forest environment and to care for our farm animals.

Children are supported to learn through their play and exploration in ways that are meaningful to them. A rich foundation of social competence and thinking skills are built. Learning is led by the interests of the children, whānau and teachers.

We want Little Lights to be a place where each child, family and staff member is “inspired to shine” – valued and encouraged to reach their God-given potential in every way.

Te aroha te mea nui, o nga mea katoa, te punga o nga mea ko te karaiti
Love is the key to everything we do, and Jesus is the source of it all

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